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Advanced Technology in Medicine

Advancements in technology has improved humanity’s way of living. One of the most beneficial breakthrough of technology is the invention of machines and medicines that help fight the killer disease called cancer as well as detecting other illnesses earlier to have ample time to cure it. New drugs have been made to better cure or prevent almost all diseases. One other technological advancement in the field of medicine is to include robotics in surgery.

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Latest Technology

With the use of such robots, there will be smaller incisions which is also less traumatic to the patient, lesser blood loss, more precise cuts around delicate nerves and tendons which provides the patient a better chance of having side effects from surgery. With lesser trauma or side effects, it will also shorten the days on which the patient will have to stay in a hospital, thus saving more time and money. The sites below provide more information about this topic and are ranked the best in this field.

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