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Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), also known as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are transmitted through sexual contacts, including vaginal intercourse, oral and anal sex. Aside from the sexual intercourse, STIs can be transmitted through intravenous drug needle that has been previously used by an infected individual as well as breastfeeding or childbirth. There are at least seven most common STIs. Chlamydia infection is a common STI in humans. Approximately 50-70 percent of the female population suffer from this particular STI due to the reason that 75 percent of its cases does not show earlier symptoms.

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Suspected Chlamydia Individuals

Thus, it may take months and even years before the infection can be detected. Second to Chlamydia is gonorrhea, which attacks the female cervix and infects male’s prostate gland, epididymis and urethral structure. Herpes simplex, or HSV-1, is a common STI too. It is transmitted to a person who engages in sex with a person that has a history of HSV-1. Syphilis (for men and women) and trichomoniasis (for women) are also a common STI. Fortunately, the aforementioned STIs have their respective vaccines and proper medications so as to eliminate the infection. They can be completely cured if they are treated as early as possible. However, acquired immune deficiency syndrome or human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS/HIV) are incurable STIs. This health condition gradually lowers the functions of the immune system, leaving a person open to all infections and tumours.

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It is transmitted from bodily fluids containing HIV such as blood, vaginal fluid, semen, breast milk and the like.

In this context, the World Health Organisation promotes safe sex as the best preventive treatment for common sexually transmitted diseases.

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