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Aphrodisiac Foods for Sexual Health

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There are many foods that can help you boost your sexual stamina. Among the many aphrodisiac plants that are commonly used to enhance libido is ginseng, which has been used even during the ancient times. Ginseng helps reduce stress and enhance energy. Gingko biloba is another aphrodisiac plant and is most often used as a main ingredient in many food supplements. One can also use its leaves to brew tea and still derive the benefits of such plant. Eating raw oysters is also a common way of enhancing your libido and has been practised even in ancient Greece. Oysters are rich in zinc, which is necessary for testosterone production. Chilli peppers are used by some people as aphrodisiac since it is believed to release endorphins, the hormones that give people a natural high. Other aphrodisiac foods include chocolates, wines, almonds and sweet basil.

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