Health Tips for Athletes

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Although being an athlete generally provides numerous health benefits, it still cannot keep one completely free from all illnesses. In fact, there are some who rely too much on these advantages that they tend to disregard taking necessary precautions, thereby reversing the supposedly positive results. If you really want to utilise your sport’s health benefits, then you might want to follow these simple tips.

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First, as you will probably burn more liquid than usual, you are most at risk of dehydration, which is why you will need to drink plenty of water. Also, do not wait for thirst to come in before you do so. This is because by the time that you become thirsty, your body will already be around 5% dehydrated. You can also check your urine; if it is darker than usual, then you probably need to drink more water.

Second, you also need to do proper warm up and cool down exercises before and after your game to avoid muscle burn. Third, although jerseys absorb sweat, as much as possible, always change clothes after your activities. Furthermore, always follow heart rate guidelines every time you perform high-endurance training. Lastly, be sure to have a healthy and balanced diet.

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