Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence, also known as domestic or espousal abuse, or intimate-partner violence, happens when an immediate family member, partner or ex-partner attacks to physically or psychologically hurt another. Although domestic violence often refers to the aggressive and violent behaviours between espouses but this also include non-married intimate partners or cohabitants. Domestic violence comes in different forms, including sexual abuse, physical violence, emotional abuse, intimidation, power dominance and threats of violence. It can be a serious criminal offence such as physical assaults; sexual abuse such as forced or unwanted sexual intercourse. This is commonly known as marital rape, however this exclusively applies to married couple.

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Physical Violence

Domestic violence can be a great factor in the development of common emotional traumas such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder and the like. Moreover, domestic violence can persuasively or gradually trigger psychiatric disorders, aggressive and unwanted behaviours, low self-esteem, suicide attempts, among many others. However, there are many victims of domestic violence who are able to survive.

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