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Coping with Teen Violence

Teens are considerably full of hormonal urges that are often the sources of violence. Aside from biological reasons, social psychology is also a factor for this. In this context, teen violence can be defined as the participation of inflecting emotional or physical violence, either as a victim or castigator. Peer pressure is also a major contributor in any violent act. Gang violence, which commonly happens among teens, is a principal concern among parents. This often results to gun shooting, stabbing, beating and early or accidental deaths.

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Gang Violence

Furthermore, a home is not an exception. It is also a source of domestic violence which may affect the violent tendencies of the teens. Thus, domestic violence is highly discouraged. Parents play a crucial role in preventing teen violence. A positive, nurturing home environment can curb down their violent tendencies. Adolescent development is a critical stage for most teens. Thus, parents should guide their teenagers.

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