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The Mental Health Benefits Gained from Reading Books

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Knowledge is power, they say. And it can be acquired in so many ways, from observing to experiencing. It can also be gained through reading, which is a favourite pastime of many. The latter activity has rooted itself from the ancient times. People often do this not only to acquire important knowledge, but also for recreational purposes. Additionally, it is a common bonding moment for parents and their kids. Mums and dads often do this at night to tell bedtime stories to young ones before they sleep. But aside from this, there are other advantages that can be acquired through it. The following are some of the scientific discoveries, which have proven that reading books to children indeed brings mental health and development benefits.

Brain Formation
It has been proven by research that the growth of the brain occurs during the early stage in life. During this period of time, the development of the mind is far more rapid than that of a teenage person. That is the main reason why it is very favourable that kids would have this activity as early as possible. Interacting with them also enables the maximum formation of neural pathways. As early as three months from birth, exposing babies to literature is advisable. Although infants wouldn’t understand a word you’re saying, most of the information relayed will be stored in their brain, introducing them to the concept of communication and improving their vocabulary.

Language Progress
Learning and communication rapidly increase during the first four years of children’s lives. In this period, they learn from a range of simple syllables to complete statements. By reading to kids, you are teaching them the right pronunciation of common and complex words. They will discover how to properly use their tongues in pronouncing the sounds of vowels and consonants. They will also learn the simple grammar rules in constructing sentences.

School Readiness
Telling kids stories everyday can boost their ability to comprehend certain topics. They become curios and they look forward to improving their knowledge about everything. Added with interaction, they will be introduced to the basics of teacher and student relationship. Therefore, it is an effective way to develop the children’s interest in school.

Social Behaviour
The tie between parents and kids are the stepping stone of early interpersonal connection. Here, the young ones will learn how to establish love and trust to someone. They will also acquire the feeling of being taken care of. Because of this, story time is a perfect bonding moment. It can promote a well-rounded parental relationship.

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that this activity can bring to children. Make sure that you do this with them every now and then to help them grow healthy both in mind and in body.

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