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Traveller’s Health Concerns

One of the major downturns in travelling is getting sick. This is a common concern shared by all travellers. The body cannot instantly adapt with the water, food, air and climate of a foreign destination. It is advisable to use only purified or bottled water for drinking as well as brushing the teeth and other uses. The tap water may contain harmful bacteria, viruses and other parasites that can cause simple stomach-aches and diarrhoea; however serious diseases such as leptospirosis from drinking contaminated water is not a far-fetched possibility.

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Giving Vaccine to Travellers

Furthermore, vaccinations or prevention medicine are required for overseas travels. However, this greatly depends on the destination that has to be visited, the age and the overall health status of the traveller, the time of the year (there are months prone to epidemics) and previous immunisation. It is advisable that the traveller visit his doctor a month before the scheduled travel so he will be given the right vaccine and other preventive medicine.

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