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Handling Bullying

Bullying is the repetitive act of aggressive behaviours in which its main concern is to intentionally inflect pain to a person either physically or mentally or both. It is a classic yet unethical method in gaining power over a person. Behaviours may include verbal or written abuse, name-calling, exclusions from social situations or activities, physical abuse, or power dominance.

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Ignoring is the primary solution for emotional bullying. When it dawns to a person that the reasons behind bullying are insecurity, anxiety or depression, the victim can be less personally affected. More often than not, the “victim” feels pity to the bully instead. However, addressing physical and verbal bullying can be realised through taking a strong, proactive stand. The aggressive behaviours can be nipped in the bud by standing up to the bully. However, immediate behavioural changes from the bully is not expected. Behavioural trends cannot be changed instantly. Yet, if there are quite a number who receives the same bullying treatment, perhaps it would be better to collectively stand up to the bully.

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