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Investing in Health

Investing in stocks and real estate are so common these days. Thus, if you are looking for an unexplored ways of using your money, bet it on insurance. You might wonder why we recommend this one. Well, to answer your questions, let us particularly take into account the monetary benefits that come with health policies.

First, such a cover offers you financial security through good and tough times. It gives you peace of mind whenever unforeseen incidents happen, ensuring that you will receive proper medical care. What is even more interesting about this type of policy is that you can now use part of your annual premium as an investment to give you annual returns. This is the part that accumulates higher rates, which yield a certain sum annually. Depending on the type of plan choose, you may have the option to utilise the interest to pay for the premiums or you may as well enjoy the option to add in the interest to the total cash value, thus, yielding more advanced interests.

There are two types of cover under this, namely the surgical and medical benefits. As the name implies, a certain predefined sum of money is given when certain instances arise pertaining to operations and health care, consecutively. In addition, the level of premiums will be based on the amount of cash benefit you want to get for the medical expenses. The units in the investment will continually grow, and they can be withdrawn after the holding period. In addition, each plan gives the policy owner the opportunity to add top-ups to continually increase their account value. There are also variety of options on the specific placement of the account, may it be in bonds, stocks or equities.

Isn’t this an amazing opportunity to grab? This is security and investment rolled into one!

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